Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Evolution of the Computer Age
The age of computers had been on earth from a while not for about about 100 years .
ENIAC was one of the first computers to be invented and When ENIAC was announced in 1946 it was heralded in the press as a "Giant Brain". It boasted speeds one thousand times faster than electro-mechanical machines, a leap in computing power that no single machine has since matched. This mathematical power, coupled with general-purpose programmability, excited scientists and industrialists.
The ENIAC was financed by the United states army and The ENIAC was a modular computer, composed of individual panels to perform different functions. Twenty of these modules were accumulators, which could not only add and subtract but hold a ten-digit decimal number in memory. Numbers were passed between these units across a number of general-purpose buses, or trays, as they were called. In order to achieve its high speed, the panels had to send and receive numbers, compute, save the answer, and trigger the next operation—all without any moving parts. Key to its versatility was the ability to branch; it could trigger different operations that depended on the sign of a computed result.
The ENIAC was a good computer but it had many problems that came a lot with it and most experts predicted that tube failures would occur so frequently that the machine would never be useful. And it did turned out to be partially true because several tubes burned out almost every day, leaving it nonfunctional about half the time which wasn’t a good that to happen by any means .
You can do so much you can do on the internet and find out information that happened a long time ago and you can also use new technology with it that many jobs and companies use for security and protection from the pentagon . It so new it always changing it never stay the same because their always a new or software's being made at all time to always be updated on the latest thing on technology today . In the past they never would have thought it would be like it is today and what we can now do we with computer technology .




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