Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cell Phones in Education
Cell Phone situation
Good things about cell phones in education
The goods are that they can use their cell phone to use as a caluator or converter to convert pounds, ounces, and etc …
Also text people who were absent their homework assignments is a very good way to get their work and help them complete their work and get to them in a timely manner.

The bad things about cell phones in education
That students can text in class and miss important information for that class and also be a disturbance to the classroom .
Students can text answers to other classmates on a test and that is cheating and you can do that and would be abusing the power of having a cell phone in any classes.
Students can do phone bullying and set up to do pranks and other such things there aren't not suppose to being doing which can get them in trouble and cause harm to others .

Why phones should be allowed in the classroom
Phones should be in allowed in the class room because it can help students and it has more good then bads and that’s why I think they should be allowed.
I got my information from the following websites to help find out accurate information about the topic were discussing

By : Marquis Turner

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