Friday, September 11, 2009


A group of girls were fighting with one of their friends, Nicole. They created a “Rate Nicole” group on a social networking site. They posted embarrassing photos of Nicole from middle school and high school and invited their hundreds of “friends” to join the group to look at the photos, and tell Nicole how she stacked up. Cruel and crude comments were posted on the group’s message board. One message said that some girls were planning to beat up Nicole. At school, Nicole got text messages on her cell phone saying, “Take a look at what everyone thinks of you.”

What’s the Problem? girls were bullying a girl Nicole

What emotions do you think Nicole felt when she saw the photos and read all the comments
i think she was angry and suprised by what she was seeing .

How do you think she felt when she read that some girls wanted to beat her up?
i think she was shocked and also scared because people wanted to do mean things to her .

How do you think this situation affected the learning environment of the school?
she wouldnt be able to focus in school .

What advice you would you give Nicole?
to try and focus and tell an adult when problems appear in this case .

What advice would you give the girls who created the group?

to act her age and think about other people feeling and how thing like the group she created can hurt and change a person .

What could you do if you witnessed a similar situation online that made you worried?

i would alert an adult to handle the situation and help prevent from happening in the future to others .

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